Yusuf Sultan
Curriculum Vitae



Vocation: British (Indian) Actor

Contact: Spotlight (London) or visit www.yusufsultan.co.uk

Location: Leeds & London

Height: 5ft 9” (1.75m)
Weight: 11st (70.76kg)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black

Age Band: Normally cast 40 - 50 years
Role Type: Indian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern
Languages: English, Gujerati, Urdu ,Hindi and
some Punjabi

Personal Background: Born India, raised and educated in UK
Education: Studies Social Science, Bradford College
Drama Training: Bradford College. British Asian Theatre, London. Bradford Playhouse (2 years)

Skills: Horse Riding, Golf, Modern Dancing, Health & Fitness, Running, Yoga, Fight Sequences, Full Driving Licence and Photography

Accent: Yorkshire, Indian and Middle Eastern

Other Performance Skills:
TV Presenting

Yusuf had a two year’s break from acting and entered the industry with newly acquired skills.
Yusuf had the opportunity to work in ‘The King of Bollywood’ (English Movie) for “I Dream Productions” directed by Piyush Jha starring Sophie Dhal (the famous British Model) and Om Puri. Yusuf played NRI (Non-residential Indian) and almost all his scenes were opposite Om Puri. (Please view Yusuf’s profile)


Stage, Mr Patel, COMEDIANS, Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, Kate Rowland

Stage, The King, GOD, Playhouse, Bradford, Graham Barraclough

Stage, Italian Waiter, FILUMENA, Playhouse Bradford, Ron Pearson

Stage, Mr Patel, COMEDIANS, Lyceum Edinburgh, Ian Wooldridge

BBC Radio 4, Mahmud, BEYOND EVIL, Michael Fox

Yusuf Sultan has currently completed a screenplay which he co-wrote. The film is due to go into production soon. Yusuf is currently researching and writing a second screenplay.

Television, Zafar Iqbal, CRIME WATCH UK, BBC, Emma Clark

80,s Band Feature trailer, Jafee Khan, Happy Our Films Ltd. Pete Hunt

Radio, Zafar Akram, BBC Digital Radio Asian Network, Silver Street, Naylah Ahmed

Additional production support inc.directing, cel animation (Cartoon) capitalchicks, GarthWest Ltd.

Formed "Multi Angle Productions". Directed 6 corporate videos for Local Government organisations, Yorkshire. Also directed music video for Z TV and B4U UK.

Television, Hassan, CRIME WATCH UK, BBC, Mark Scantelbury/Lee Salisbury

The League Of Gentlemen (3rd Series), BBC. Comedy sketches.
Dir: Adam Buxton

Feature Film, NRI, THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD, (English/Hindi) I Dream Prod. Piyush Jha

Video, Shylock, MERCHANT OF VENICE, New Dawn Productions, Georgina McKenzie

Television, Zara Khan, CITY CENTRAL 3, BBC, Martin Hutchins

Television, Jeevan Kanda, UNDERCOVER CUSTOMS, Granada, Nick Justin

Television, Kamal Akhtar, THE BILL, Carlton, Zed Maguire
(Young Omar Sharif lookalike)

Television, Mr Mir, THE END OF EVOLUTION, BBC, Robin Brightwell

Television, Mr Mumtaz, HETTY WAINTHROPP INVESTIGATES, BBC, John Glenister

Television, Mr Paulin, THE BILL, Carlton, Sarah Harding

Television, Ahmed, BUST (Eps1&2) London Weekend, Don Leaver

Television, Policeman, WORLD OF EDDIE WEARY, Yorkshire, Alan Grint

Television, Asian Jeweller, THE KNOCK, London Weekend, Gerry Poulson

Television, Hassan, DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE, London Weekend, Gerry Mill

Television, Arab Diplomat, CRIME MONTHLY, London Weekend, Nigel Milner

Television, Trader, ALBION MARKET (Series) Granada, Various

Television, Mr Khan, CHILDREN WARD, Granada, Spencer Campbell

Television, Mohsin Mahmud, TRAVELLING MAN, Granada, Charles Kitchen

Television, Hassan, WORLD IN ACTION, Razak, Granada, Charles Tremayn

Television, Bhatti Jnr. ME & MY GIRL, London Weekend, John Reardon

Film, Fight Sequences, OCTOPUSSY (007) BOND, Eon Productions, John Glen

Film, Santok’s Brother, THE MARKSMAN, BBC, Tom Clegg

Film, Mr Mir, OPEN COURTYARD, Hifza International, Farooq Beg

Film, The Boss, DIWANA TERE NAMKA (Hindi Movie) R T V Films (Bombay) Rajat Ravail

Film, Documentary, CHILDREN OF VISION, Viscon Films Ltd, Self written and directed

Television, Documentary, REMINISENCE OF THE ASIAN ELDERS, Yorkshire TV History project self written and presented



Zambia Airways


A & E, Granada

Film, K2, Chameleon Films.

Television, GBH, (Re-voicing) Independent Production for C4.

Television, WORLD IN ACTION, Granada.

ROAD TO 1984, Granada

Television, MEDICS, Granada

Television, GEOGRAPHICAL EYES OVER BRITAIN, (Re-voicing) Yorkshire TV

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